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"From up and down, and still somehow,
it's clouds
' illusions I recall.
I really don't know clouds at all.”
We are here to tell you Web 2.0 is no Illusion - and
will "Show You" why!

Cloud - a metaphor for “Internet”

Cloud Computing - Save and share through the Cloud!

Web 2.0 – engaging, interacting, communicating and
sharing – no longer just passive reading of static web
pages or struggling through hard to learn software.

Challenge:  Reach into the cloud and beyond for
engaging, interactive Web 2.0 tools to enhance student
    We apologize to Judy Collins
    for taking liberties with the
    lyrics of her beautiful song.  
    But, we had a lot of fun with it,
    relating it to Cloud Computing..

    Our apologies, also, to those of
    you too young to know who
    Judy Collins is, or to be familiar
    with the lyrics to the song,
    “Both Sides.”   (Sharon even
    had to educate Amber!)  : )