"Show Me" Audacity in the Classroom
Audacity - Free Open Source software for recording audio

  • Powerful
  • Record lengthy audio and digitize recordings
  • Multi-track recording
  • Import and Export a variety of sound files and edit
  • Add sound effects
  • Good sound quality

Go to Audacity's download page and download the
installer.  You will also want to download the LAME
encoder file, which will allow you to export MP3 files for
creating podcasts.
    Audacity in the Classroom

  • Podcasting
  • Reading with Expression
  • Foreign Language practice
  • Lectures saved for iPods, Phones,  etc.
  • Assessment tool
  • Audio Storytelling
  • Audio Book Reports
  • Audio Journaling
  • Capturing History through Interviews
  • Reading Progress
  • Read with Expression
  • Comedy in the Classroom
  • Create Old Time Radio Broadcasts

    Even More Ways to Use Audacity

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