Now Sewing for Lucy also!

Pillowcase Dress and Shoes to Match

Pillowcase dress & shoes

I hadn't sewn for years, but received a new machine for my birthday a few years ago.  I played around with it, but hadn't attempted to make anything yet as life got in the way.  More specifically, I started getting grandchildren!  And yes, one is a little girl!  Yay! 

So, I dug out my new machine, and thanks to this fantasic pillowcase pattern from Mother Huddle, which features straight stitching and has excellent step-by-step picture instructions, I was able to make this little cutie in one afternoon. This dress is a size 2T.   It seems that sewing is like riding a does come back to you.  : )

I purchased these fat quarters at Walmart.  Due to the top stitching and finished seams instructions, I felt like a real professional.

Thanks, Mother Huddle (Destri), for such a cute, easy, and well-written pattern.

I can't wait to see little Lucy in it! I dare try to make matching flip-flops?

I ended up not making the above flipflops.  I did find a Mother Huddle tutorial on making cute little layered flowers, though.

So, I used fabric scraps from the dress, made the flowers (top stitched them and raveled to make them shabby chic!), sewed on little pink/white buttons and glued them to cute little flipflops from Walmart.  I also made another flower and glued to a hair clip.  If she won't leave it in her hair, it looks really cute clipped to the center of the bow on the ribbon. So, so cute!

Tried it all on Lucy and it all fits perfectly!