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Lucy Hats
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You can purchase my hats for $24.00 each.   Just contact me and let me know the color and size you need.

This hat design, like the one Baby Lucy is wearing, is all the rage right now -  from newborn photo shoots to Easter parades.  These hats can be worn alone or you may want to embellish them with  ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.  Let your imagination go wild.  These are the kind of hats you will find in high-end boutiques.  My hats (including a bow) sell  for $24.00 each.

I  make these hats from preemie to 24 months.  I give a circumference head size to help you determine the size you need.  The hats I have for sale will come with a bow, but if you contact me I can make a hat in the size you prefer and/or with custom bow in the color you prefer.  Visit the lucy  hat link for details.

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~Sharon Sumner,
   SharSumTEK, LLC

Here are some sample hats.

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hot pink

boy royal blue

More examples of "Lucy" hats  I have made

Lucy hats Hat Display

These hats are hand crocheted  in a smoke-free home.  They are made with #3 100% mercerized cotton. Each hat comes with one detatchable bow.  Sizes and colors of bows vary. The hat circumference is about 1 to 1/2" less than the head circumference, allowing for some stretch.

Size                      Fits Head Circumference

Preemie               approximately 13 - 14"
Newborn              approximately 14 - 15 "
3-6 months          approximately 15 - 15 1/2"
6-9 months          approximately 16 - 16 1/2"
9-12 months        approximately 17 - 17 1.2"
12-18 months     approximately 18 - 18 1/2"
18-24 months     approximately 19 - 20'

Need a hat?  Just contact me and let me know the size and color and I will make it for you.