About SharSumTEK

My name is Sharon Sumner and 'SharSum' is a blending of my first and last names. SharSumTEK is my technology consultant company name.  I have a master in education degree and have been in education since 1985.  I have worked with technology since 1990, and web design for 20 years. I am an eMINTS educator, having reached certification in 2002.

My hobby has always been to find the best ideas I can to enhance student learning and make teaching fun.  Once I discovered the Internet, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Whenever I found technology resources I knew would make a difference, I couldn't wait to "SharSum" of them. 

I have now retired from public education, but my love for sharing technology is still with me.  I teach college level technology courses and continue to keep up with new technologies. 

Through my company, SharSumTEK, LLC, I offer web site design and management at reasonable prices as well as technology training for business and education.  Please contact me if you are interesting in a quote for my services.  Thank you for visiting sharsumtek.net